Press Release: Be Spoken Movement launches to Give Voice to Women’s Leadership

Empowerment Network for Women Cyclists kicks off with webinar: “A Real Conversation on Racism and What We Can Do to Create Change”

In the midst of a society torn apart by fear of a virus, racism, prejudice, anger, and violence, it's time to introduce the Be Spoken movement. Be Spoken exists to educate with a positive, uplifting, constructive voice and create a sense of inclusion and unity… an antidote that is equal parts listening and sharing.

“Although my initial vision for this movement was founded on empowering women cyclists with a stronger voice in every aspect of their life, recent injustices have made it clear that every underrepresented voice needs to be heard. This isn’t the time to be quiet. Though it is the time to both listen and Be Spoken,” shares Lauren Diaz, Be Spoken Founder.

Be Spoken is founded on the Three E’s of Empowerment, Engagement, and Education and provides the community with various interactive platforms, including webinars. Be Spoken will be hosting “A Real Conversation on Racism and What We Can Do to Create Change” on June 10 at 5:30 PM PST. The panel will feature Influencer/Co-Founder of Methods to Winning, Charon Smith, and offer interactive Q&A for listeners. Please register in advance to participate in this live webinar.

“In light of the current events, now more than ever is the time to be giving voice to the important messages that need to be communicated during this uncertain time. Although the pandemic and recent unrest have dramatically touched all of us, I am heartened that Be Spoken is launching and taking the time to listen and express. I think listening, learning and then acting are elements of the solution. I look forward to the day, hopefully not far off, when the Be Spoken community is sharing messages of positivity and offering new ways for women to build a stronger community for all of us.” - Michael Marckx, Chief Marketing Officer, Eliel Cycling & Wattie Ink.

Be Spoken was created to enhance our community with more diverse, dynamic leaders and enrich individual’s lives, both on and off the bike. Learn more at

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